Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there weight limits?

All aircraft have factory set limits on weight and it is against FAA regulations to exceed those limits.

Why can't we take photos on the flight deck?

Anyone can take photos from behind the SAFETY fence or once they are SAFELY buckled into the helicopter, on or around the flight deck WE NEED EVERYONE’S FULL ATTENTION for SAFETY!!!! With the blades spinning and people trying to walk around and pose for photos it could be DEADLY!!! We take everyone’s SAFETY SERIOUSLY!!! Our crew will take photos on the flight deck with only our cameras which we offer for sale in a souvenir photo holder or on CD or Flashdrives. We apologize for any inconvenience but SAFETY is our first priority!!!

Can we talk or hear in the helicopter?

Passengers are given headsets once in the helicopter to wear which allows normal conversation.

Can we do flips or get a thrill ride?

SAFETY is our priority if any of our pilots are doing thrill rides they will NOT be our pilot for very long!

Have we ever crashed?


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